Cutting out dairy

Cutting out meat can seem a lot more attainable than cutting our dairy.

All that cheese, right?! And what about those precious lattes?

I never thought I could do it. But I gradually cut out all of my daily dairy habits. And although my motivation was always about animal welfare – I’ve never felt better. So it’s a win-win.

Here are my top tips to making the transition:

  1. Accept that things will taste gross at first – but know that it will change, and eventually be better! When I first tried my morning muesli with almond milk, it was tasteless, like water. Gross! And its because cow’s milk is actually full of sugar, so my brain was expecting that sweet hit. But it only took THREE days to adjust. When I tried cow’s milk at a friend’s house when they had no alternative, I literally couldn’t eat it, it was SO gross. And the best thing is – not only do I now prefer the taste of almond milk – I never get that bloated feeling after eating my cereal, as I used to get. And I’m not consuming all that puss and antibiotics! Note – make sure you choose the unsweetened almond milk (I use Alpro’s), many brands add sugar.
  2. Never stop experimenting! Keep trying new alternatives. Pret has two non-dairy milk alternatives for coffee: rice coconut milk & soya milk. I can’t stand the former,  but soya works great for me – I barely notice the taste difference (I have it in an Americano as I try to avoid milky coffees generally, but if I do fancy a latte, the coconut milk works much better – and in hot chocolates for that matter!). The thing is I only know this because I kept on trying and tasting alternatives.
  3. Think in terms of texture, not flavour. Most of the time, people add cheese because of its texture – think feta salads, cheese sandwiches… – but this is easily replaceable: TOFU! Tofu is an incredible alternative for salads and sandwiches. There are so many flavours and varying textures that you would barely notice the difference in your salad.

Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear any thoughts and ideas in the comments section!

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