Aubergine Schnitzel @ The Gate

It’s all about making veggies the star of the show, and this dish does exactly that; everything you’d want from a schnitzel, it delivers. And then some.

I’ve never before experienced such a texture – the flaked almonds make it uniquely crisp and the aubergine is notably not over-cooked so it’s the perfect amount of soft. The flavour is difficult to describe too, as it’s unlink anything I’ve ever had before (all the more reason to go try it!). But I can assure you, it’s delicious.

Here it is on the menu:

“Sumac Aubergine Schnitzel
grilled aubergine filled with caramelised shallots, roasted flaked
almonds, preserved lemon, chilli & coriander, served with beetroot &
chickpea salsa, Yemeni chilli sauce”

We also absolutely loved the “Wild Mushroom & Truffle Arancini” to start and the “Chunky herb polenta chips with garlic aioli” were incredible. (Both pictured below).


We were less blown away by the Wild Mushroom Risotto Cake – which had so much potential but was served slightly cold, and the rice overcooked (I think a risotto is best traditionally served as a mixed dish, but that’s just me).

The Gate has branches in Islington, Marylebone and Hammersmith, and describes itself as  “gourmet vegan and vegetarian dining”.

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