Sundays’ to-dos

This article is based on the important idea that we only have a small, finite amount of decision-making energy each day. As a result, we should allocate time on Sundays to planning and making decisions we know with certainty will improve our health, wellbeing and productivity.

In other words, don’t rely on your ‘half-way-through-Wednesday’ self to make the best decisions. Instead, capitalise on the intentions you cultivate on Sundays for improving your life and turn them into action!

1. Book in your workouts

I am a big fan of pulling out the calendar and allocating time in advance to attend Yoga or fitness classes. Think about where you’ll be each day and where you can fit it in. Paying for it in advance increases the chance you’ll turn up and get it done (why I love classes so much more than gyms!). Even better, reach out to a friend and ask if they can make it and you’ll be even more accountable to turn up. On top of that, you’ll fit in social time too!

2. Curate content for your commutes

Whether it’s a couple of podcasts or curating a playlist of your favourite songs, you are going to get SO much more out of planning the content you want to consume and making it readily available than relying on the dreaded alternative: scrolling! If you know you are going to be busy, dashing to work and between meetings, having that inspirational playlist ready to play is absolutely key to overcoming the temptation of scrolling through social media and enjoying your travel time.

3. Book in at least one restaurant or plan at least one new dinner

Whether you eat out, cook, order takeout, or most likely do all three, we all turn to the same few options for dinner – what we know! It gets boring and repetitive. At the end of a working day, we often want the quickest, easiest option and don’t want to make decisions. Plan ahead, spend just 5 minutes booking a new restaurant you want to try or looking up a recipe you’ve always wanted to cook and screen-shotting the list of ingredients for when you are next in the supermarket.

This exercise is really about anticipating and planning for the moments we easily ‘give up’ in. Committing your money and time before the week has begun increases the chance the way you spend your time actually aligns with your goals by minimising the opportunity for an excuse. Whilst it might seem small, making it as easy as possible for yourself to do the right thing when the week starts to take its toll on us is absolutely crucial for creating change and growth towards our intentions.

That’s why I take the small things more seriously than the big!

And on that note – happy planning!

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