My favourite Yoga teachers in London

I have been wanting to write this for a while now. Since I first stepped foot in Triyoga Chelsea almost 6 years ago, I’ve lost count of how many different teachers’ classes I have attended across London’s growing studios. Friends always ask me for recommendations, so I ought to turn my experience here into something useful. 

The teachers in this list have a vast range of styles, approaches and personalities but share one defining quality, they are authentically unique with an infectious energy that draws people back to class time and time again. If you connect with them too, your practice is sure to advance.

Stewart Gilchrist – Vinyasa

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 07.02.24
Stewart teaches at Indaba, Marylebone & Triyoga, Shoreditch.

Stew is the reason I teach. His 90 minute Yogasana (strong, dynamic Vinyasa flow) classes have an incredible atmosphere. You will not only leave feeling physically and mentally rejuvenated, but you will be entertained throughout.

Stew manages to incorporate commentary on the most pertinent socio-political issues of our time between cueing and adjusting asana (Yoga postures) with incredible detail. And somehow, he narrates on these issues through the lens of Yoga philosophy.

You will sweat. You will learn. You will laugh.

Stew’s class timetable, workshops and teacher trainings can be found on his company’s website: East London School of YogaHis classes are not suitable for beginners but some of his workshops are.

Julie Montagu – Vinyasa / Mandala

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 07.48.49
Julie Montagu’s Vinyasa flow classes are regularly packed out

Julie’s Vinyasa flow classes at Triyoga’s Chelsea and Ealing branches are regularly packed out. Suitable for all levels, her classes are based on a Mandala sequencing (where you move 360 degrees around the mat). It’s a lot of fun.

Julie was a self-proclaimed “burnt out mum-of-four” before finding Yoga, and the stories she tells in class will leave you feeling inspired and entertained.

When she’s not teaching Yoga, you might see her on TV. Julie is a regular commentator on the Royal family and has just begun filming her own (totally unrelated) TV series with the Smithsonian Channel.

Julie runs retreats at her home Mapperton Estate, a manor house in Dorset. You’ll find these alongside her class & workshop schedule on her Yoga company Whole Self Yoga’s website.

Claudia Dossena – Iyengar

Classically trained ballerina Claudia Dossena has enough charisma to fill the biggest room in the biggest studio.

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 17.55.15.png
Claudia teachers across Triyoga’s London branches

For those wondering what Iyengar is, it’s a form of Hatha Yoga (Hatha denotes Yoga as it is most generally perceived in the modern context, literally the ‘forceful’, physical postures in Yoga) that has a very strong emphasis on detail, precision and alignment. It’s the most meticulous of all Yoga styles, you could spend 30 minutes on one posture learning the subtleties of correct alignment. If a teacher trained in Vinyasa is a graduate, a teacher trained in Iyengar is a Dr, they have the Phd.

Iyengar is suitable for all ages and abilities, just make sure you check the level of class. You’ll find Claudia classes at Triyoga here.

Marcus Veda – Rocket / Vinyasa

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 18.58.56.pngMarcus’s classes will seriously challenge and build your strength. If you attend, you won’t be surprised to discover he has a black belt in ninjutsu.

Rocket Yoga is a particularly dynamic and fast-paced flow but is probably best described on his own website: “The Rocket is an attitude not a sequence and Marcus’ teaching embraces its joyful rebel spirit while respecting the discipline it instills.”

But what stands out most of all is his music, as a former DJ (one half of the Loose Cannons), Marcus naturally plays his own playlists in class which flow beautifully alongside your practice.

His timetable is on his website.

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