People I like to follow…

Yoga culture on Instagram is the source of intense debate, none of which this article will attempt to address.

It’s about the Yogis I love to follow and why. Here’s a list of people who either inspire me, make me laugh, or both!


  • Best account for: those who want to learn how to practice Yoga independently.
  • Stands out for: having a full time job totally unrelated to Yoga!

Rebecca is the best person to follow if you want to develop a self-practice. Mostly because it’s inspiring to see how consistent she is with her own. But for all the finer details, she actually wrote a book about it, it’s called “The Book of Yoga Self-Practice” and she set up a dedicated self-practice account too.

I also love how authentically she shares her experience balancing a high-pressured job with a family and all that life brings.

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Reposting a repost of my own posts!! Over the weekend @yogapractice shared this compilation of some of my #yogatransformation posts and I had a little moment 🤯 I used to post pics like this almost every week, because although it took years, the progress was pretty stark. And I frickin LOVED it: the progress, the pics, the posts!! And they are pretty much the reason why my account got big, and stopped growing once I stopped posting them. But life is so different post baby. I don’t have the time to practice as much and I’m not chasing postures anymore. All I really care about is MY PRACTICE. That it happens, that I’m present, that I am committed. Lots of people are asking me about whether my book #TheBookofYogaSelfPractice contains instruction on doing asana. And the answer is no. Because asana isn’t the point (and I’ll hopefully persuade you of that in the first chapter!); PRACTICE is the point. Yes, you should go and be taught or learn asana. In class, from videos, from books. Accepting that every single method or teacher is going to be different because there is no definitive answer as to what is right for YOUR BODY and YOUR INTENTIONS. But you learn it so you can PRACTICE: because the practice will bring you to whatever it is you need. Time and time again, no matter how different those needs are one any given day. The Book of Yoga Self Practice will teach you to practice. Creatively, fulfillingly, and consistently. I promise 💛 . Click the link in my bio for all info. . #yoga #yogabook #yogaselfpractice #beforeandafter #yogatransformation #yogaprogress #transformationtuesday #yogatransformation #beforeandafter #nowandthen #flexibility #practiceandalliscoming #flexibilitygoals #yogapractice #nopracticenomiracles #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #yogajourney #yogagoals #yogamotivation #yogablogger #yogablog #inflexibleyogis

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  • Best account for: those who want to heal and/or fulfil their dreams.
  • Stands out for: being Rachel Brathen. Rachel runs an empire!

If Rachel doesn’t show you the healing power of vulnerability, I don’t know who or what ever will! She is truly the most inspiring, genuine, compassionate person I know, and I don’t even know her (though after listening to her podcast ‘From the Heart – Conversations with Yoga Girl‘ for at least a year now, it feels like I do!).

Oh and her stories are pretty much the Lealuna show (Lealuna is her little girl) and she’s beyond adorable!


  • Best account for: those who could do with some life advice. 
  • Stands out for: sharing her experiences so eloquently and authentically.

Mariel is a Life Coach. I love following her because of the honesty and spirit in her writing. Her advice will help you understand your emotional world and how to improve upon it.

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