Vinyasa Krama

This is the name of the Yoga I have been taught to teach, so it’s the name of my classes.

Someone asked me what it means. I am tempted to explore the Sanskrit etymology because it’s really quite fascinating, but I’ll keep it reasonably short and to the context.

Here, Vinyasa means to place in a special way — “special” includes in synchronisation with breath, but this alone is a narrow interpretation, it’s meaning is much broader — and Krama means progressing step by step.

Moving your body in a special way and a way that follows a gradual progression.

Vinyasa Krama

So the two together mean “moving your body in a special way and a way that follows a gradual progression”.

What that actually means is the poses becomes more complex and difficult as you progress through the sequence; you start simple and progress in stages. In reality that’s not always the case because our bodies are different and what might be an easy pose to you at the start of class is a difficult one for me.

So I thinks it’s metaphorical interpretation is more useful…progress is gradual. Take it step by step. There are no shortcuts, you can’t cheat Yoga.

Also, some of the more “basic” poses, like Trikonasana / Warrior 2 actually become more difficult the more experienced you are because you have more lines of awareness in the body (there’s more to “switch on”).

Please share any thoughts/questions in the comments.

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