Tadasana / Mountain pose

Tadasana helps us cultivate awareness of the body as we begin to balance our weight evenly from front to back. The tendencies evident in this standing posture likely manifest in more pronounced form as we move into more complex asanas. Therefore teachers should carefully observe students in tadasana and practitioners should be aware of their tendencies.

Getting into the asana: 

  • Connect all four corners of the feet with the earth
  • Engage your quadriceps
  • Internally rotate the thigh bones to create space in the sacrum
  • Draw the sitting bones towards each other, awakening mula bandha
  • Tuck in your tail bone to a neutral position
  • Palms facing inwards, point your fingers energetically towards the floor
  • Spread across your collarbones to expand across your heart centre
  • Shoulder blades depressed away from the ears
  • Lengthen out through crown of your head
  • Soften the eyes, ears and jaw

Once in the asana:

Feel the awakening of your feet and inner arches – pada bandha – as a source of energy up through the midline of your body and out through the crown of your head.

Variations to try:

  • Place a block between the top of the thighs and squeeze it