Known as "relaxing breath," 4-7-8 is a simple breathing pattern which involves: inhaling for 4 seconds through the noseholding/retaining for 7exhaling for 8, mouth open or lips sealedrepeat It's the most effective calming breathing technique I have ever used. And it works immediately. I was thinking about why. Firstly, simply counting the breath helps direct [...]

Hyper-mobility & yoga

A disproportionally large percentage of people coming to Yoga are hyper-mobile. This propagates the misleading idea that you need to be flexible to do Yoga. Left unwarned, hyper-mobile practitioners also run the risk of injury. Physiotherapist, Yoga teacher, and former dancer Celeste Pereira spoke to Triyoga Yoga manager Genny Wilkinson Priest on the studio's podcast Triyoga [...]

Swimming in the city

Life in the city offers few opportunities to become your unself-conscious, five-year-old self. Swimming has become a very precious one for me. Firstly, you are close to anonymous in the water as the majority of your body is submerged. Unlike in the gym or on the mat, there is no concern for how the movement [...]

Why does Yoga work?

Yoga in its modern context is vastly different from its original form, which dates back 5,000 years. Despite this, it still works. In fact, it works better than anything else we have as a means to bringing the body and thought energy under control. That the Yoga system has sustained so much change to remain [...]

Less for longer

Until around a month ago I did not value long periods of low intensity exercise. Now it’s the most important daily habit I have. With a competitive personality, the gym used to be somewhere I looked to push myself as hard as possible for maximum results. The efficiency of my efforts trumped enjoyment every time [...]

Yoga myths

The most depressing thing you are told as a Yoga teacher is 'I can't do Yoga, I'm not flexible enough'. It's depressing for two reasons: Yoga is not just stretching The less flexible you are, the more Yoga you need to do Muscle stiffness is essentially the dehydration of muscle tissue, a natural part of [...]