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“Great teacher!”


“Best yoga class in London”

“The best yoga class I have been to in ages! The teacher was amazing and the I loved the music. Would definitely recommend!”

“Absolutely amazing class. Would highly recommend.”

“Such great atmosphere and Hannah is a fab teacher. So enjoyable!”

“Hannah Maria is wonderful, first time Ive really connected to yoga! Will definitely go again. The studio is nice and clean and not too busy.”

Class descriptions

Yogasana is a gorgeous Vinyasa flow sequence with a strong rhythm from start to finish. You’ll feel challenged, restored, and ready to take on the rest of the day with ease and compassion. There will be lots of physical adjustments to support and deepen your practice. Expect: community, philosophy, and awesome music!

I offer super detailed verbal instructions for getting into and transitioning through the postures, as well as plenty of options, so my classes are suitable for absolute beginners to advanced practitioners!

Mandala Vinyasa: Whether you are brand new to Yoga or an advanced practitioner, Mandala Vinyasa is an opportunity to have a lot of fun in your practice! Moving 360º around the mat and targeting a specific area of the body, we integrate the spiral patterns that nature uses via circular movement. Flowing and moving with the breath, we focus on building strength and flexibility in each particular target area.
Lots of options will be given meaning you can make it as challenging or as soft as you please!