Addicted to approval

Concern for approval is a counterproductive habit that kills the spirit. It’s also exhausting and inefficient. Marcus Aurelius can help us overcome this tendency by inviting us to contemplate the mind of the critics we fear. This is the second in a series of blog posts attempting to thematically extract from the 12 books of [...]


This blog post is the first in a series which attempts to thematically extract from the 12 books of the 'Meditations' , the personal and philosophical diary written by Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor from 161 to 180 AD. His private thoughts were written in numbered paragraphs, without any thought or intention of publication. The reader [...]

Down dog

If you are new to Yoga, downward facing dog is really hard. If you have been practicing for 10 years, it's still really hard. I wanted to write about my experience of this pose in detail since there is little time in a flow class to break it down and I see so many beginners [...]


Known as "relaxing breath," 4-7-8 is a simple breathing pattern which involves: inhaling for 4 seconds through the noseholding/retaining for 7exhaling for 8, mouth open or lips sealedrepeat It's the most effective calming breathing technique I have ever used. And it works immediately. I was thinking about why. Firstly, simply counting the breath helps direct [...]

Hyper-mobility & yoga

A disproportionally large percentage of people coming to Yoga are hyper-mobile. This propagates the misleading idea that you need to be flexible to do Yoga. Left unwarned, hyper-mobile practitioners also run the risk of injury. Physiotherapist, Yoga teacher, and former dancer Celeste Pereira spoke to Triyoga Yoga manager Genny Wilkinson Priest on the studio's podcast Triyoga [...]

Swimming in the city

Life in the city offers few opportunities to become your unself-conscious, five-year-old self. Swimming has become a very precious one for me. Firstly, you are close to anonymous in the water as the majority of your body is submerged. Unlike in the gym or on the mat, there is no concern for how the movement [...]