Sukha Pranayama

Sukha pranayama is one of the simplest yogic breathing techniques you can practice, as its Sanskrit translation implies:  Sukha means 'ease' and pranayama is 'breathing technique'.  I have come to think of it as an ‘entry level’ pranayama practice suitable for beginners since you work with an even number of natural-length breath counts as opposed [...]

Down dog

If you are new to Yoga, downward facing dog is really hard. If you have been practicing for 10 years, it's still really hard. I wanted to write about my experience of this pose in detail since there is little time in a flow class to break it down and I see so many beginners [...]

Yoga myths

The most depressing thing you are told as a Yoga teacher is 'I can't do Yoga, I'm not flexible enough'. It's depressing for two reasons: Yoga is not just stretching The less flexible you are, the more Yoga you need to do Muscle stiffness is essentially the dehydration of muscle tissue, a natural part of [...]